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  1. New to atheism? Just became an atheist? Start here (continue below)!
  2. For theists (believers, people with faith). See below.
  3. For those who have been atheists for a while. See bottom of page.


1. New atheists

(Not to be confused with “The New Atheists”)

Leaving your faith is like having your foundation crumble under you. It’s important that a new and stronger foundation replace it.


The people around you, if they’re believers, have never been in this situation, so your usual sources of advice may not know the right thing to say. On top of that, coming out to others about a change in your beliefs can be nerve-wracking. Sometimes, it can even be a threat to your well-being, or life.


And lastly, many new atheists make some mistakes. If we can avoid these traps, then we can also avoid alienating people, discrediting ourselves and atheism, and getting ourselves into trouble.


We recommend following the following links, in order, or according to your greatest needs.

1. Comfort and Hope

2. Thinking of Coming Out?

3. Failures of Atheists (To Avoid)


2. Theists

Do you know some mistakes that atheists make? We’d love it if you’d let us know (contact Hunter Glenn) so that we can add them to our “Failures of Atheists” section on the main menu.


Secular Ethics – Have you ever wondered how there can be morality without a God? Check out this section on secular ethics. There are lots of attempts to answer this question, but I don’t find them persuasive or satisfactory at all. No matter what they say morality is based on, you can always respond “But who says that we should do XYZ?”


Have you ever heard the idea that Atheism is a worldview? Check out “Is Atheism a Worldview?” for our take on it.


We have a list of Thinker’s Communities, like Less Wrong and You Are Not So Smart. These have much to offer to people about how to improve our thinking, no matter their beliefs. A great little 10-minute read to start with is “The 12 Virtues of Rationality.”


And of course, the “Just For Fun” section of the main menu has some great stories, videos, and other content for anyone to enjoy.


3. Been Atheist For a While

Check out Street Epistemology, and find out how to give atheists a new reputation for discussing things fairly, non-confrontationally, and in a way that actually changes people’s minds.


How can we have an objective secular morality? What does “should” mean? What IS morality; what IS “good?” Check out Secular Morality.


Is Atheism a Worldview?


Failures of Atheists (To Avoid)


Check out the “Thinker’s Communities” under the “Atheist Communities” section of the main menu. Let’s not stop at atheism; we can find the right answers to other important questions, too. A good place to start is “The 12 Virtues of Rationality” and Julia Galef’s (from the Center for Applied Rationality) video.