From Atheist Onward

Many become atheists, few become atheists for the right reasons.

Those who become atheists for the right reasons learn how to find truth and power in every area of life. We hope to bring all people to atheism only as an exercise in learning how to practice the principles of clear thinking.

Those who learn to think well know how to learn their deficiencies. But I think it often takes them a long time to learn how to talk to others in an effective manner about how to improve their thinking.

The principles of Street Epistemology (SE) feature heavily here as a model for how to help others correct their thinking without it being an unpleasant process for them, without forcing them to swallow their pride, without inciting the us vs them feelings of a social debate.

This site is designed to help atheists come to terms with their beliefs, and to give them sources where they can continue learning about reason and about how to become successful in non-confrontationally sharing their perspective with others.


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