Anthony Magnabosco

“Once the faith goggles come off, everything else comes into focus.”

“That’s is what it’s about.”

“I want to live in a world where the majority of the population strives to believe true things.”

“I wish to impart the gift of doubt.”


Anthony Magnabosco learned about Street Epistemology from reading the book A Manual for Creating Atheists by Peter Boghossian. After searching online for video examples of the kinds of encounters discussed in the book and not locating anything, Magnabosco decided to start recording his own discussion and posting them on YouTube.


Magnabosco’s improvement in the method of Street Epistemology is evident by watching his progress over the nearly three years of work. In interviews, Magnabosco attributes this growth to feedback from others in the SE community, suggestions from people who watch his videos, and even Dr. Peter Boghossian himself. Anthony was also on the team of people who created Atheos, the app that helps people learn Street Epistemology without having to initiate conversations.


In addition to posting videos of talks with believers, Magnabosco has also given several presentations on Street Epistemology, which are also available on his YouTube channel.


Magnabosco describes himself as a skeptic, agnostic athiest, and lives in San Antonio, Texas.