Street Epistemology is advertised as a way of dissolving faith. Its effectiveness in this is incredible.

Even more powerful (for me), is SE’s ability to NOT make enemies out of a discussion which attempts to reveal any errors in people’s most cherished beliefs. People walk away from Anthony Magnabosco’s SE sessions willing to talk again, even recommending that their friends talk with him sometime.

For those interested, SE works when you want to smoothly help people improve their thinking about anything. Even when people are right, and shouldn’t change their beliefs, SE is a great way to comfortably get straight to the core of people’s thoughts and feelings.

SE is based on the Socratic method, which means it involves a lot of asking questions. Anthony Magnabosco has developed the method and prepared some videos teaching you how it’s done:

If atheists used this method to talk to people, they would lose a reputation for being evil, gain a reputation for having nice discussions, and would help people reason more clearly about their beliefs.