Teaching Flawed Thinking

Religious beliefs need a way to defend themselves. So they teach ways of thinking which find religious beliefs acceptable.

-Most religions teach that doubt is bad for some reason.

-Likewise, they teach that believing something with more certainty than the evidence justifies is good for some reason.

-For that matter, they teach that we should have certainty.

-They teach that our feelings are reliable indicators of truth.

Bad thinking is leaky. If you accept it and use it, it’s likely to influence how you think about other things.

Religions are like people who want you to believe in a lost city of gold. To make sure no one can find the precise area where the city is supposed to be (and so disprove it), they teach everyone to make flawed, imprecise maps.

As a side effect, maps are flawed and imprecise in general, and people can’t navigate their world so well anymore.

Religion teaches people to think poorly.