The Friendly Atheist

Hemant Mehta is the friendly atheist. His Youtube channel and his blog on Patheos are among the most popular in the atheist community.

Hemant’s videos deal with the most common arguments and ideas an atheist will encounter in their dealings with believers. His blog covers the highest profile church-and-state news issues.

As the name suggests, The Friendly Atheist’s style is friendly. While Hemant openly explains why religious arguments are flawed, and presents arguments against the existence of God and the goodness of religion, he does so without trying to make things any tougher to swallow than they have to be. He sticks to the issues, and generally doesn’t criticize believers as people.

Hemant has also written several books, like The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide, which you can check out on his blog.

One of Hemant Mehta’s popular videos: